7 Tools That Make Sense in My Jewelry Studio

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One of my favorite things as a designer is to take a peek at other creatives' studio spaces. It's so cool to be able to have a glimpse of the objects, the organization, their work flow, and how they've created this special nook. Endless fun if you ask me. 

Recently I was having a conversation with a wonderful designer and dear peer of mine, Carolina from Unicaroverse. We were sharing our love of seeing other designers studio spaces and it was magical.

So while browsing studio spaces on an instagram account that she shared with me, I came up with this little journal entry. How about I share 7 things that I find useful in my studio. I know, it's not quite a tour of my studio space but I want to save that one for another post.

Here are 7 things that make sense in my studio space:

1. Caliper Tool: I feel like im always measuring jump rings, wire gauges, rhinestones, you name it. So having this one close by is crucial. I actually have an electronic one and a manual one which to me is cooler because its made out of brass and i've had it literally since 2009 from my first job. Yea, I took it with me jeje.

2. Coloring Pencils: My design approach is more visual, I have a hard time imagining things. So patterns, colors, beads, etc, I have to see before assembling or creating anything. Coloring pencils are very helpful when I'm trying to figure out color palettes for my collections.

3. Tiny Paint Brushes: This one is pretty straight forward jeje. I tend to make checkered prints on my beads so I need very tiny brushes to color them in.

4. Measuring tape: Again, I'm always measuring things. This one is specifically to check necklace lengths.

5. Small dishes: I am an organization freak! So pending pieces that I need to assemble are always in these small dishes and they are placed on my desk in the order that they need to be completed.

6. Thin wood sticks for finger foods: There are super useful, I end up buying packs and packs of them. I mainly use these to make it easier when painting beads. kind of like a handle to avoid touching the actual bead.

7. Pliers: another self explanatory one :) without these, I can't do anything jaja.

Thats it for today! A little sneak peek of my tools. Let men know in the comments below if you enjoy more behind the scenes or useful information like "How to care for your jewelry". I'm still trying to figure out what to share on this journal jaja.



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