5 Tips to Care for Your Jewelry

These are the top 5 tips I swear by to keep my jewelry shiny and beautiful!

1. Please, do not shower with your jewelry. Fashion jewelry components are usually gold plated or gold colored. Some of our pieces have stainless steel components and those are a little more resistan to wear and tear, but alas, they have ceramic beads or other beads that will not withstand moisture or water. 

2. Make sure to apply perfume or makeup BEFORE putting your jewelry on. This way you can avoid directly spraying or accidentally smearing makeup on your jewelry, as these tend to diminish their shine over time.

3. Wipe your jewelry after every use. Make sure you wipe off the natural skin oils or makeup transferring that may have occurred while wearing them. I include a little wipe in every order so you can take the best care of your jewelry. Always follow the no dipping policy - there are porous materials that don't take moisture well. Worst case scenario, use a slightly damp cloth to clean your jewelry.

4. Store your jewelry separate from each other. There is something about storing your jewelry all bunched up that just makes them tarnish faster. Tangling, snatching, and scratching can all be avoided if you store them in their individual pouches.

5. Remember that your jewelry is the LAST thing to put on and the FIRST thing to take off. 

Hope you find these tips helpful! 



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