Creative Talk: How to get out of a creative rut

Have you ever had a creative block? I have hehe. Here are some ways I try to get past it.

1. Don't stop your practice. I know this one can be rough but whatever creative work you do, if you aren't feeling the creativity gods descend on you, just keep practicing and making new work. Good or bad. The goal is to not stop. It's like when you miss one day at the gym, as opposed to maybe doing a 10 - 15min routine when you want to skip the entire workout of the day. It's always harder to get back on the horse if you have completely stopped creating new work. 

2. I like to look back at old work and sketchbooks. There is always a curious idea that was half finished but didn't quite make the cut. Take a second look with a fresh perspective and find your next great idea!

3. The classic trustworthy trick. Get out. Visit a museum, take a walk at the park, see friends, have conversations with different people. Anything that gets the ball going is good. 

4. Do research on random topics that interest you. They don't necessarily have to be related to your craft. Lately I've been very interested on 3D rendering. I took a rhino course, watched youtube videos, made my own renders. I've also been very interested in is vitrail, so I've been doing some light reading on it. Anything that sparks curiosity is worth exploring.

5. I love to browse through books I've purchased in the past, photography, art, jewelry, even bird books. There is always something new that catches my eye: a color palette, a silhouette, or just composition. 

I hope these ideas are helpful if you find yourself feeling a little uninspired! Just remember everyone goes through it and that it's just temporary. Be kind with yourself and keep trying.

See you next Monday!


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