Meet The Mind Behind: Momo Magallon

Momo Magallon multidisciplinary artist

One of the things I'm grateful of my line of work, is being able to meet interesting and creative people who are paving their way.

I met Momo through our love for jewelry. I remember seeing her pop up everywhere during the pandemic (This was the time I believe she was working and putting out more work on her social media, like we all were during this time.) I immediately followed her. Her work was magnetic, I just wanted to see more. 

To my surprise, one morning Momo purchased one of my jewelry pieces. I IMMEDIATELY had a FAN GIRL moment. Messaged her back and of course let her know I was a fan jeje. From that day on we have collaborated and (I'd like to say) have forged a friendship.

Every time I talk with Momo, her professionalism and devotion for her work come through in every word she speaks. She delivers in a fun and light manner that will inspire you, yet she is also very down to earth and in touch with the hardships and reality of being a creative and living off of it. I hope these 7 fun questions give you an insight on the incredibly talented mind of Momo Magallon.

Tell us your name and what you do.

My name is Momo Magallon and I am a multidisciplinary artist, mostly working in painting and performance.

What’s your founder story and how you got started?
I always felt that I was born to be an artist, but I didn’t “start” until I started my BFA in Florida State University in 2017. 2023 will be my fourth year being a full time professional artist.

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?
My favorite thing is to be honest and transparent about who I am through my work. My work is constantly taking things from my daily life and viceversa.

Tell us a fun fact about your day to day or creative process.
I work best when jumping from one painting to the next, instead of just working on one project or painting at a time. I also love sports and working out is an important part of my routine.

What’s one memory of your journey that makes you proud?
I think my first solo show ever, ‘Desiderium’ in the university gallery space in 2019 and my first “professional” solo show ‘Adentro’ in a commercial gallery in Panama. Both molded me and were big milestones in my career.

If you could trade a day with a role model who would it be and why.
More than trade a day I would love to meet Lady Gaga. I am always reminded to stay kind, work hard and stay true to yourself. Forging true artistry comes from within, and with no fear of what others might think.

What little nugget of knowledge would you give to an aspiring creative/entrepreneur?
My biggest tip is to work hard. Sounds cliche but we can always get better, work harder and grow inside and out. At the same time I would also recommend scheduling things accordingly and taking time off. Work hard, but don’t burn yourself.
Follow Momo on instagram @momomagallon or see her work on her website

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