Tips and tricks: Here are 5 quick jewelry solutions for you!

A handy tip never hurts! Over the years I've been learning tricks and tips that help solve little annoyances that we encounter on our everyday wearing jewelry. So without further a do, here they are:

1. Keep your jewelry tarnish free and away from humidity!

Humid environments tend to accelerate our worst enemy when it comes to jewelry: TARNISHING. I like to wipe my jewelry with a clean slightly damp cotton cloth after every wear. All our jewelry comes with a small polishing cloth, you can also use this to keep your jewelry free of oils and makeup after every wear. After cleaning my pieces, I then store them in a safe place with Silica Gel Packets or Anti Tarnish Paper Strips. These little packets and paper strips act as small dehumidifiers! keeping humidity at bay.  Sometimes I save the silica gel packets that come in new shoe boxes, re-use those and put them near my jewelry. You can also buy them both online in packs of 50 or 100. If you store our jewelry in our little blue boxes, just place it underneath the tissue paper or cotton filling that comes with. 

silica gel packets for humidity

Silica Gel Packets

anti-tarnish paper strips

Anti-tarnish Paper Strips

2. Protect your sensitive skin from jewelry irritation and allergies

Not only does this trick save you from allergies on sensitive skin, it also extends the life of your plating. I like to buy a Jewelry Shield Protectant which comes in a little nail polish looking container and is clear. I apply it to the posts of my jewelry to avoid irritation. Coat posts or backings with 1-2 layers, let it thoroughly dry and you are good to go!

clear protecting coat for jewelry allergies and tarnishing

Jewelry Shield Protectant

3. More support for stretched earlobes

Are you a lover of bigger earrings and now find it a little harder to wear them? I am. Whenever I have a special event I really like to go all out with statement earrings. This only means that they might have a little more pull or weight on my earlobes. I thank my sister for this amazing trick. She recommended I wear invisible ear lobe support stickers behind my earlobes. They are the holy grail of nice fitting and long wearing earring nights! The ones I get are called Lobe Wonder Invisible Earring Earlobe Support Patches. Get on em' as quick as you can! You can thank me later.

Ear lobe invisible support stickers

Lobe Wonder Invisible Earring Earlobe Support Patches

4. Jewelry organization is KEY

I have a rotation system in place for my jewelry organization. Im not great at it because sometimes it gets messy, but it does the job for a good 3 months. I like to be able to see everything I have so I keep two organizing trays with the jewels that are my favorites at the moment. Easy access is where its at. I will switch these every 2-3 months depending on my mood. The rest of my jewelry is kept in small clear zip baggies with anti tarnish paper strips and if I keep them in their original box, I like to label them and keep a small silica gel bag inside the box.

Jewelry Tray for jewelry organization

Organizing Trays

clear zip bags for jewelry storage
Small clear zip baggies

5. Traveling? Keep your jewelry safe

A while back I bought 2 jewelry casesOne smaller with divisions to carry my fine jewelry and one bigger which is only a clear pouch for my fashion jewelry. It helps me keep everything in its place and I know which pouch to reach out for depending on the outfit and occasion. (Plus, the smaller one can fit in your hotel room's safe)

Because fine jewelry pieces are smaller in size, it's crucial I remember everything I brought with me. What I do is that I only fill up the spaces that it offers with 1 pair of earrings or necklace per space. This way, if there is an empty space, I will know something is missing.

As far as the bigger fashion jewelry clear pouch, I only make sure it has plenty of space and just pop in my jewelry in their individual labeled pouches. If there is a piece that doesn't have a pouch, just use a clear zippy bag and you are ready to go! 

small jewelry pouch for traveling

Small jewelry traveling pouch with divisions

large clear jewelry pouch for traveling

Large clear jewelry pouch for traveling

Even if its 1 or 2 new tricks that you picked up from this blog post, I hope these come in handy for you! Let me know if you try any of these and if they worked :)



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