Top Picks: For The Minimalist Dainty Jewelry Lovers

Despite my love towards designing statement necklaces and earrings, I do enjoy having a selection of dainty jewelry for everyday wear. Here are my top pick sfor all my ladies who love a minimalist look!

1. Fortuna Sparklers 

The dainty little pearl danglers come with a kicker, they all have mismatched crystals, making them incredibly fun to wear as a pair or as individual piercings.

crystal pearl dainty earrings

Fortuna Sparkler Earrings. $48 

2. Julia Necklace

If there is one necklace that I have had in constant rotation since I designed it, it has to be this one. Barely feel like I have anything on, but it adds the perfect amount of color to my outfits. I tend to dress in more monochromatic colors, so I chose to keep the Checkered black and white option. If you love color, there is an array of options available for you! 

dainty gold chain minimalist necklace with small ceramic colorful pendant

Julia Necklace. $55

3. Sweetie Huggies

Let's get a little more personal. These adorable huggies can be customized however you like. Chose the color of your daisy as well as letter for the charm. Fun gift option or little treat for yourself. 

peronalize daisy and letter charm huggie earrings

Sweetie Huggies. $45

4. The Tingy Tangy Necklace

This dainty pearl necklace is a fan favorite! Part of our core collection styles the tingy tangy will become a staple in your everyday wear jewelry rotation. It literally goes with everything and for any occasion. Style it with a dress or jeans and a t-shirt. 

 dainty pearl necklace with small crystals

Tingy Tangy Necklace. $57

5. Tic Tac Toe Earring Kit

Combine up to 16 different pairs of earrings with this amazing earring kit! Wear them in pairs or as single earrings. The kit comes with interchangeable charms: 3 small ceramic charms, 3 bead charms and a pair of small golden colores stainless steel huggies. The possibilities with this fun kit are endless. Availbale in 2 different color palettes, cool hues and tropical hues.

interchangeable charm earrings

Tic Tac Toe Earring Kit. $65

Alright, hope you enjoyed this little selection! If you ever need help choosing or narrowing down your selections, I'm always available to help out via instagram DM, email, website chat, or through our whatsapp link on our Instagram profile.





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